The Mystery of Life

We think about it, tell us stories about what is and what happened in the past, what we expect for the future, what we would like to change. And while thinking and telling (ourselves and the universe) we create constantly worlds within worlds, frames within frames, none of them true, all of them real somehow.

Lifting the veils that make us think and overthink, create and recreate, wanting, running, aiming for a better life, means for me, that we become aware of these frames and patterns and begin to feel how they dim our light, begin to see, feel and recognize: We are not these patterns but a much vaster being. As this being we observe how worrying creates exactly what we don`t want and playful states of mind create more of this playful state of consciousness. Maybe, unexpectedly, a smile comes into our face as we enter a new space, where – at least for a moment – there is no story, no expectation, no worry, no haves to.

And then we start again: creating stories, telling them ourselves and others, believing in them, thinking about them, making them true by creating situations and encounters that match to these new stories… and so on.

What if… we could tap into the unknown without frames, stories or expectations and create out of a playfullness, being courious about what will happen… seeing each other as these powerful creators, as human beings on a journey, as great souls in a human body, as Gods and Goddesses in form?

I guess, that would be fun and we would soon have created a new world, without anybody telling others about an exact plan or a procedure to follow, without any lists of musts, shoulds or don’ts.

And if you take this text as a receipe, a plan… this is okay for me, but know that this is your choice and creation.

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