giving space

The transition from the old to the new paradigm is a process of adaptation. How long this takes depends on many factors, individually and collectively.

Most of us cross this threshold from the old 3D consciousness to the new one many times. It is like crossing a bridge, falling back, crossing again, falling back again, until our whole being has made up its mind and is able to stay on the other side, in the unknown realms of multidimensional life, where life unfolds completely different from anything we know.

Here we are invited to learn the ART of living by constantly accepting (and thus letting go of) everything that comes up and wants to pull us back into the known survival mode of life that created (and – if we focus on it – immediately re-creates) all that we have now decided to leave behind: Drama, suffering, battles against self and others, fear, the illusion of being a victim and being separated from other beings, from nature and the divine origin.


Raum geben

Der Übergang vom alten zum neuen Paradigma ist ein Prozess der Anpassung. Wie lange dieser dauert, hängt von vielen Faktoren ab, individuell und kollektiv.

Die meisten von uns überschreiten diese Schwelle vom alten 3D-Bewusstsein zum neuen viele Male. Es ist wie das Überqueren einer Brücke, zurückfallen, erneut überqueren, wieder zurückfallen, bis unser ganzes Wesen sich entschieden hat und in der Lage ist, auf der anderen Seite zu bleiben, in den unbekannten Bereichen des multidimensionalen Lebens, wo sich das Leben völlig anders entfaltet als alles, was wir kennen.

Hier sind wir eingeladen, die KUNST des Lebens zu erlernen, indem wir ständig alles annehmen (und so loslassen), was auftaucht und uns zurück in den bekannten Überlebensmodus ziehen will, der all das geschaffen hat (und – wenn wir uns darauf konzentrieren – sofort wieder erschafft), was wir nun entschieden haben, hinter uns zu lassen: Drama, Leid, Kämpfe gegen sich selbst und andere. Angst, die Illusion, ein Opfer zu sein und von anderen Wesen, von der Natur und dem göttlichen Ursprung getrennt.


And then comes the day, when you don’t need the discomfort any more to move forward. You find shelter – wherever you are – inside of you. And all the musts, shoulds, wants lose their power over you. It is a choice. The choice for unity with your SELF and ALL THAT IS. The choice to end this voyage of duality. To give up the desire for drama and its entourage.

This day comes and goes, from a linear point of view. Until this bob up and down stops while you remain in the New. When and how this happens is not under your control. Nothing that you can achieve through your will. It is a gift that you receive as soon as you accept to receive it.

life alive

It is the discomfort that makes you move. And it starts with feeling.
Not by saying there ist nothing, not by ignoring,
not by fighting the symptoms of discomfort (situation, pain, whatever).
As soon as you fully accept the discomfort, as you allow all feelings to flow
(without telling yourself any story about the why), you will be moved forward.
No reason to fight anything, no reason to run anywhere,
no reason for anything at all.
This is beyond reason, beyond cause and effect, beyond expectation,
wish or being given what you want, beyond wanting anything at all.

Reblogged from October 17th 2019